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Biometrics are a requirement for you to enter Canada and they will be taken as you pass through immigration to obtain your work permit.

It is a process Canadian immigration introduced a couple of years ago. It's a scan of your fingerprints and a picture of your face. These records are kept on file for 10 years so you won't have to re-do them when you pass through Canada with 10 years.

After you have received your work permit, you will get your biometrics taken. Every foreign worker who enters Canada needs to get their biometrics taken. This can be done at the airport and will cost $85, so make sure you have that amount available to you when you travel.

In rare cases you may not be asked to pay for your biometrics there and then. However, you may be contacted by the Canadian Government later and be requested to pay the fee. This is nothing to worry about - all you will need to do is follow the instructions they have sent you on how to pay.

If you have provided Biometrics in past visits to Canada, you can query your status here.

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