Budgeting for Travel

2 min. readlast update: 02.09.2023

It is hard to give you an exact estimation of how much money you will need to budget for your trip to Canada. This depends on your country of origin, the location of your camp placement within Canada, and the duration of your trip. Here are some items you can consider when planning your budget

  • The cost of return flights from your home country. Do you plan on leaving from a different location within Canada?
  • The duration of your trip. How long is your camp placement? Do you plan on travelling after your placement finishes? 
  • Camp Days off - What do days off look like at my camp? Will I be leaving camp property, or staying on site? Do I need to take a bus/taxi to the local town?  We recommend connecting with your camp or camp alumni to determine what international staff usually do on their camp days off.
  • Qualification Courses - If you're participating in a Camp Canada qualification course, you may incur additional costs such as food, accommodation, and having fun in the evenings when your training has finished! For more information on this, check out the
  • Extending medical insurance - If your placement is over 70 days, you will need to take out additional medical insurance. Check out the insurance section for more information
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