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Where will my interview be?

Interviews will take place either in person or over a video call. This changes depending on which country you are applying from.

How long will the interview last?

Your interview will take around 30 minutes, however, give yourself about 15 minutes extra, in case it goes over.

Why do I need an interview?

It is our responsibility to screen all of our participants to make sure they are suitable for the program and to work at a summer camp in an environment with children. 

Do I have to have an interview?

Yes. It's a great way for you to meet the Camp Canada team who can answer any questions you may have and provide you with application support and guidance. 

How do I book my interview?

To book your Camp Canada Interview you must meet the eligibility criteria and have completed the required application steps, once you do this the 'interview' section will appear on the left side of your application. Please click the blue button to book an Interview. You may need to go forward a week or two to get the most recent availability.

What type of questions will I be asked?

The interview is a casual conversation between you and one of our interviewers. All of our interviewers have been to camp and been through the Camp Canada process, so they’ll be a great resource to get your application looking great! The questions will be about your experiences and things you’ve done, like your skills or experience with kids. It is an informal interview, there is no need to dress up; a T-shirt is fine!

What if I don't get accepted after the interview?

If for any reason you are not accepted into the program we will take the time to provide you with clear feedback and may be able to recommend a more suitable program for you.

If they offer me a position, do I have to accept this offer?

You should only commit to an interview with a camp if you intend to accept a job offer from the camp. If something comes up during the interview that makes you unsure of the camp or the position they are offering, connect with the Community Success Team ( to talk through this.

Check out the below video for Interview tips!

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