Camp Locations

2 min. readlast update: 11.17.2023

Where are the Canadian camps that you work with?

The majority of the camps that we work with are located in Ontario. We also work with a good number of summer camps in Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. We cannot always accommodate location-specific requests from participants, but if you do have a specific preference we’d love to hear about it.

Where will I be placed?

You will be matched with a camp based on your skills, experience, motivation, and the staffing requirements of the camps that we work with. 

Can I choose the location of my camp?

We cannot guarantee a placement in a specific province. Camps hire individuals based on skills, experience, and staffing needs for the upcoming season. If you do have a specific preference, let us know! We love to hear them anyway, and we will try to see if this is something we can accommodate.

Who picks which camps I can interview with?

We have a team of dedicated experts who will only match you with camps that are perfect for you. We'll introduce you to a camp that matches your skills and personality, but you'll need to be interviewed and hired by a camp to be placed there. During this interview, you'll be able to chat with the Camp Director to find out more about the camp before accepting an offer or confirming your placement. 

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