Extending, Amending or Cancelling Your Policy

2 min. readlast update: 05.29.2024

A place to understand how to extend, amend or cancel your health insurance policy

If you are working for longer than 70 days, or intend on travelling after your 10 weeks of camp, you'll need to extend your policy to ensure you are fully covered for the duration of your time abroad.

  • Extensions with our provider are charged at $3/day. To see what is covered, please click here for a summary.
  • Currently, we do not require participants to pay for an extension before arriving in Canada. A team member will be in touch later in the season to discuss options at least 2 weeks before your policy expires.
  • You can pay for your extension through your MyInsurance account. If you can't find your policy number - be sure to e-mail insurance@campcanada.ca


Considering taking out your own insurance? Please Read: 

We have been doing this for a long time and have done a lot of research that allows us to feel confident that our health insurance policy is one of the most suitable, comprehensive, and cost-effective available. However, if you wish to consider an alternative provider after the 10 weeks, please make sure to consider the following, as these are common problems:

  • Will your provider cover illness or injuries related to the global pandemic?
  • What amount of deductible do you have to pay out of pocket for every claim?
  • Is your policy valid if you start it, or extend it after you have left your home country?

For any amendment or cancellation questions, please e-mail: insurance@campcanada.ca 

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