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Navigation Apps

Google Maps

Google Maps is great for when you are exploring Canada, especially Canadian cities. You can use google maps in the traditional way and you can also use it to display public transport information and local landmarks for you to visit, also you can download maps and use them offline if you are saving your data. Google Maps is a great tool to navigate you and your friends on your Canadian adventure.  

You can search Google Maps and use it through your search engine, or download the app!

All Trails 

All Trails will show you hiking trails in your local area. The hikes have been rated out of 5, people review them, you can filter by difficulty, length and terrain. You can also save your favourite trails and save new ones that other people give you to hike. 

You can use these links to download Alltrails 

Android phones and tablets 

Apple phones and tablets  

City Mapper 

City Mapper is a great app to use if you are in one of the big Canadian cities, this app allows you to see the cities public transport options and where to get them from. City mapper also gives you live times for the transport systems in whichever city you are and routes to and from the airport. This is a great app for those times exploring the city before or after camp. 

You can use these links to download City Mapper

Android phones and tablets 

Apple phones and tablets 

Out of Office

Out Of Office (OOO) is a recommendation app that allows you to see travel ideas and inspiration from people you know and trust. It's a great way to find hidden gems in any city! 

Download here for Apple

Download here

Entertainment Apps


Did you know if you have google premium you can download your favourite videos and watch them on the flight over? This is a great way to catch up on your watch later list on Youtube. 

 You can download Youtube using these links

Google Play

 App Store


If you are anything like us in the Camp Canada office then you will have a must-watch list on Netflix as long as your arm. Download the Netflix app on your phone or other device and you can download tv shows and movies to watch offline on your flight or even when you are at camp if you have a limited WIFI connection.

You can download Netflix using these links

Android phones or tablets

Apple phones or tablets

One Second Everyday 

You can use this app to take a one-second short video of your travels and adventures and use them to create a video of all of your travels whilst you're in Canada and make all of your friends and family jealous of your summer in Canada. 

You can download One Second Everyday using these links

Tik Tok 

Tik Tok is great for travelling, the content changes where ever you are in the world and even in different parts of Canada. It is a great way to see different content creators from various areas of Canada, also there are great videos of the local areas that will give you tips on places to visit in the area. 

You can download One second every day using these links

Travel & Tourism Apps


Uber is a great way to get around in Canada, you can explore most of the major Canadian cities with Uber and sample the highlights whilst whizzing around. With Uber, you can also split the cost of a ride with other people and this is great for adventures with your camp friends.

You can download Uber using these links

Android phone and tablets 

Apple phone and tablets


Air BnB is a great way to find easy and flexible accommodation in most cities in Canada, if you are exploring different places after camp with friends you can find all kinds of places and also unique and different accommodations. Enjoy exploring the Canadian landmarks by day and relax with your friends by night. 

You can download Air BnB using these links

Android phone and tablets 

Apple phone and tablets


Skyscanner is a great tool to use for cheap internal flights around Canada if you want to explore out east or out west or even both! It will allow you to search multiple airlines at once and get the best price, allowing you to save more of your hard-earned pocket money from camp. 

You can download Sky scanner using these links

Android phone and tablets 

Apple phone and tablets


Hostelworld is a great site if you are travelling and are looking for a cheap place to sleep while you explore the wonders of Canada. You can find great accommodation at great prices all over Canada and most of the time you can book a room and stay with the friends you have made at camp. 


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