Important Information Before You Travel

2 min. readlast update: 11.21.2023

Mobile Phones

Check with your mobile phone company to see what is available in your contract before you head out. Look into the costs of purchasing a SIM card before coming to Canada. You can also purchase a pay-as-you-go phone in Canada. 

Note: Due to some remote locations for camps, anticipate that internet and cell phone service may be slow and potentially there will be no cell phone service.

Your Personal Bank

Once you know your departure date, notify your bank of your travel plans. Failing to do so may cause your bank to presume fraud and potentially freeze your account. One quick phone call will make sure you’re covered. Do the same for any major credit card.

Going Private

Make sure to make your social media accounts private. Status updates, pictures, and even the different pages you’ve liked can all be seen by others. Camps have dropped future staff members before they’ve even arrived in Canada based on what has been found on their social media accounts. Be wary about how you portray yourself on any of your social media accounts.

Social Media

Summer camps in Canada have quite a few rules surrounding social media at summer camp. Make sure you have reviewed your camp's social media policies and know what’s expected of you when online.


We recommend having at least $200 in cash and a credit card with you when coming to Canada. 

Know Your Camp Rules

We’re sure that when you sign your contract there will be a whole section on social media and what your camp expects, from adding campers on Facebook to phone usage at camp. Take the time to read this, know this, and understand it inside and out.

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