Preparing Your Documents

1 min. readlast update: 01.10.2024

What documents do I need to upload?

Within your Camp Canada profile, a documents section outlines all the documents you need to upload, including any deadlines and supporting information. 

Why won't my documents upload?

All documents need to be uploaded in a PDF or JPEG format under 2MB in file size. Multiple pages need to be uploaded as one file by merging the pages. We have some useful links to convert your documents to pdf.

What certificates do I need to upload?

Your certificates section can be home to any certificate you feel adds value to your application. It can be something you obtain from your school or from an activity you practice. For example, if you were a Sailor and you completed a sailing course, the certificate from that would complement your skills.

This is an optional document, so if you don’t have any certificates, or you don’t feel your certificates are relevant, that’s okay too!

Where do I get my camp contract from?

Once you have been placed, your summer camp will either email your contract to you or upload it to your Camp Canada account. Please sign and date your contract before uploading.

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