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Now your application is at the 'Ready to Hire' stage you'll see a new status next to where your stage is displayed. This status highlights where you are at in the hiring journey.

Visible - Camp Directors can see your profile (You'll still be able to edit and add more to it).
On review - A camp is interested in your profile. You might start to receive emails or phone calls from camps so keep an eye out!
Confirmed - Well done! You've got your camp but we're just finalising a few confirmation details with them.
Placed - Congratulations! Get ready for Canada.

I'm no longer 'On review', what happened?

First of all - there is nothing to worry about. There are a couple of reasons you may no longer be on review at a certain camp

Here are some of the reasons you may fall off review:

  • The camp director has filled the position they were hoping to interview you for
  • The placement team has not heard from the camp director, and the review period expired.
  • Your skills, availability, student status or experience do not match what they are looking for at this time. 
  • The camp director accidentally hit the wrong button when they were trying to click into your application - we try our best to avoid this!

I have been 'On review' with a camp for a while and have not heard anything. What do I do?

Firstly, be sure to check that you are still 'On review' - your application may be now 'Visible' again. You will be able to check this on the homepage of your Camp Canada account. If you are 'Visible' again and you're not sure why, email and we will try to provide more information.

If you have not heard from the camp you are on review with after 5 days, please let the Community Success Team know and we can follow up with the camp. 

Whilst you are waiting to hear from the camp, be sure to research the camp website, and think of some questions you may have for the camp director!

Can I contact the summer camps I'm 'On review' with?

Yes, you can. Most camps have contact details available on their website. Feel free to send an email to introduce yourself, and mention that you have noticed you are on review with them. We’ve heard some great placement stories which started with a short email.

I'm not sure about the camp I'm 'On review' with. What do I do?

If you are unsure about the camp you are on review with, you should connect with the Community Success Team and talk through your concerns. We recommend doing this before responding to the camp director. 

Oftentimes, a camp website is geared towards their parent and camper community, and it can be hard to get a feel for what the international staff experience may be like.

How should I prepare for my camp interview?

With camp interviews, the best advice we can give you is to be yourself and let your personality shine through. You can talk about what you can bring to the camp and how excited you will be to be part of their team.

We also advise that you go onto their website and do some research on what they offer. You can ask questions about their schedule, days off, unique activities they offer, etc. If you go in with questions and your personality, that's a great start.

Camp directors are enthusiastic, fun, and passionate individuals and they want to hire individuals who are also fun, enthusiastic, and passionate!

How many times will I be 'On Review'?

The process of finding a camp placement is unique; some individuals may only be on review at one camp, and others may find themselves on review at multiple camps during the hiring season.

If you have concerns about the number of times your application has been on review, please reach out to the Community Success Team and we can talk through the process and see if there may be some application items we can review. 

Can I go back to 'On review' with a camp I previously spoke to?

If you were offered an interview or a position at a camp and turned down their offer, then it is unlikely we will be able to place you back on review with the same camp again. The camp likely hired another individual for this role.

If you are considering rejecting an offer or an interview, we recommend reaching out to the Community Success Team before making any decisions. 


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