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Who should I ask to provide a reference?

To work at summer camp you need 2-3 professional references. Your referees need to have known you for 6 or more months, can’t be a relative or family friend, and should be one of the following:

  • Employer/supervisor
  • Teacher
  • Coach
  • Lecturer
  • Religious leader

What should I do if my referee is not responding?

If your referee is not responding after a long period, we would recommend requesting a new reference through your portal account. It is important to ensure that the new referee still meets all of the requirements. If your referee has not received the reference request email, please reach out to the Camp Canada team and we will solve this dilemma!

How long does it take to verify references?

References are usually verified once your application is at the 'Accepted' stage. Sometimes, they will be verified before this stage but if they have not been verified yet, you have nothing to worry about!

If the reference has not yet been completed by your referee, it is important to connect with your referee and encourage them to fill out the reference as soon as possible.

Why was my reference rejected?

If your reference was rejected it could be for one of a few reasons. 

  1. The referee has known you for less than 6-12 months
  2. The referee could not provide enough information about your character, leadership, or communication skills
  3. The referee did not provide you with a positive enough reference
  4. The referee is related to you or lives in your household 
  5. Your referee has not supervised you in the proper capacity (ex. They are a teammate and not a coach). 

If you think we have rejected a reference incorrectly, please reach out to

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